New E-Learning features for schools and colleges.

In an effort to combat the Corona Crisis, MAMA is now available for educational institutions at significantly lower rates.

Stream your classes LIVE and watch later on VOD

Quick and easy setup for Live streaming of your classes and lectures to students working at home. Then publish the videos for VOD access. Safe and secure, for your students only.

Due to COVID19 – Free setup

To better cope with the COVID-19 measures, we now offer a FREE SET UP for schools, and no streaming costs in the first month.

No adds, no clutter, your content, your focus

Publish additional content, use discussion threads, direct messaging, and more, for a high quality remote learning interaction between faculty and students

Video production

We can help further with the recording and production of videos and build structured episodic course work.

Discussion threads and messaging

With discussion threads under each video, mentors can lead the discussion on any topic. Notes and tagging help students to highlight essential information and reference to other sources.


Created content can be, reused, edited, and shared readily. All students work, graduation projects and theses can be archived and made fully searchable.

The Flipped Classroom philosophy.

With course work and lectures available online, students can access it from anywhere. Then, when they do have time with their mentors, they can focus on resolving problems, and getting assistance where they need it most.

Want to know more?

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